Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

We provide timely, dependable and professional accounting services.


Monthly recording of company’s transactions

  • Sales and expenses
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Company credit card reconciliation
  • Asset recording and lapsing

Preparation of financial reports

  • Trial balance
  • Income statements
  • Balance sheet
  • General journal
  • General ledgers
  • Aging of receivable and payable

Updating of the company’s books of accounts

  • Manual registered books
  • Loose-leaf books


Accounts Payable Processing and Management

  • Supplier’s invoice and receipts review
  • Check preparation and releasing
  • Monitoring and aging of payables
  • Form 2307 preparation

Accounts Receivable Processing and Management

  • Customers’/Clients’ sales review
  • Sales invoices (SI) or Official receipts (OR) preparation
  • Collections of sales and deposit to banks
  • Monitoring and aging of receivables

Employee’s Claim Management

  • Review the employee’s claim
  • Monitoring of employee’s cash advances